Beauty Routine

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Beauty! Every one of us love that healthy, flawless, silky & smooth skin but we are all busy to take care of it. As seasons change, so should your skin care habits; forced dry indoor air, wind, colder temperatures and less humidity take the moisture away from your skin and prevents it hence leaving your skin dry, dull, pale and even cracked.

We all have our BEST and Worst days, when we wake up and feel great without makeup, and days when we cannot even stand the reflection in the mirror. Sometimes you tell your photographer “please can you photoshop me?”  Uhmm!! No, I can’t but I will share some tips with you that you don’t even need “photoshop”..  Haha!

But seriously, I am going to share a simple skin routine that can make you be photo ready all the time with no makeup necessary. This season, I have been using the Origins Skin Care and the Caudalie Beauty Elixir !

Basic Facial Regimen

First of all, start off with a clean face! Always wipe your makeup and wash your face (Am & PM) with your favourite Facial Cleanser. Invest in a Facial cleansing brush because it cleanses your skin deeply where your wipes or face wash couldn’t reach, leaving your skin

Depends on what day of the week or how my skin feels, I exfoliate my skin using my favourite Vitamin C Scrub from The Body Shop at least once a week. On other days, I apply a facial mask to unclog and minimise the pores.


After getting the face all cleaned up, I use a toner to revitalise my skin balancing its pH level and adding a layer of protection as well.  Apply a serum & an eye cream to your face for extra hydration. The last part of the routine is to seal the serum into the skin with a good moisturizer (AM & PM).


In addition, I spray the Caudalie Beauty Elixir to my face after moisturiser to give it that freshness and glow.. So once this is done, depends on how I’m feeling aka makeup or no makeup, I stop right here or go ahead and apply my makeup. Sometimes I use the Beauty Elixir as my setting spray or as a refresher through out the day. Lastly, I stay hydrated throughout the day, eat a balanced diet and do some exercises.

caudalie-skin-beauty-portrait-photographer-nashville   origins-skin-beauty-portrait-photographer-nashville

Now tell me , how you take care of that beautiful face without photoshop?