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Be With You is a documentary film I produced in honor of my sister Farida Shehu Kaikai & all the Dana Flight 992 Crash Victims that happened June 3rd, 2012.

As a Digital Creative Artist & a Filmmaker, I thought of putting a piece together for their 5 year anniversary. I reached out to her friends & acquaintances and families if they were interested to be a part of it and i got a lot of positive response. Here’s the link: to the full film on my Youtube Channel and below are messages from family & friends. It would also be aired on Liberty TV Radio Kaduna Channel 180 on Startimes decoder or stream online .

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May their souls continue to rest in peace, amin.


Produced by Aisha Shehu kaikai (@ishpicturesque)
Soundtrack: Be With You by King (@lord_gnik)
Music Producers: Stiqler (@stiqler_the_god) and Sammy (@sammynaija)



Since the Dana air crash, on June 3rd, 2012, I have been reluctant to write about Farida, who has been in the heart of not only members of our family but also in the minds of so many of our friends and especially Farida’s great many friends, colleagues and associates who have wonderful in their genuine support at times.

I have not written about the death because of the number of families affected in the crash whom I have long association. However, mention must be made of my friend Malam Sanusi Abubakar aka Femi father of Inna Kaltum, who has been a comrade in mourning, but died recently. In the flight was an elder statesman, Alh. Ibrahim Damcida who has been my mentor for many years.

Another reason is an article’Farida Shehu Kaikai, 1981-2012 written by my niece Hannatu Musawa in the Leadership Newspaper of   June 6th, 2012. ( I call her my niece because her dad, Alh Musa Musawa calls me his younger brother). After the article, several of friends Farida’s friends who cut across ethnic, religious and regional divides, followed with their own tributed covering one and a half pages, so generously provide by the owners of the Leadership newspaper. After reading everthing, the Sultan of Sokoto, Alh Sa’ad Abubakar lll, phoned and condoled me, and said, “Shehu, Farida’s death is a great loss to Nigeria because with the number of friends she had across Nigeria, she had reached where we the leaders are hoping to reach! May Allah bless her.”

Then there is the Barewa Old Boys Association Annual Newsletter, which broke tradition by putting Farida’s photograph and tribute. She thus became the first female to appear in that publication.

May your soul continue to rest in peace. Amin

Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’uun! Allahu Akbar! Five years gone so quick without my dear daughter Farida. I miss you so much, no words can express how much I miss you. But we can’t question what The Almighty Allah has planned. May your soul continue to rest in peace. May Allah brighten your grave Grant you Aljanna Firdaus. Farida is caring, obedient and very religious. Till we meet again In Shaa Allah! Allah Ya Jikanki da Rahama. Amiiin Ya Rabbil alaamiin.

Mukhtar Kaikai
Allah Akbar today is 5yrs without my sister Farida. I miss her so much I miss our little chat. Farida is nice, caring, obedient and very religious. May The Almighty Allah Grant her Aljannah Firdaus

Hasiya Sanusi Abubakar
*Favourite memory?during a vacation she had come to see me and my sisters in london from sunderland where she was schooling. We decided to take a walk through to Winter wonderland. Farida and my twin sister inna were drawn by a live country music band and both of them joined the group in a dance, i remember how their faces lit up with excitement as they hopped and danced for what seemed like hours. As fate would have it they were both on the same ill fated flight that would claim their lives.
*How you became friends? I have known farida since we were kids, we were practically family.
*5years without her? Not a day goes by that i dont think of her and my twin. Theres an emptiness that mere words cannot express. But we do not question the will of Allah.
*Favourite trait? Her cheery disposition.
*What do you do together? Farida wd always come to me when she had a problem to discuss or a decision to make. And she was my default date to functions, we wd discuss what to wear etc.
*What you miss about her the most? I miss how she looked up to me and called me her mentor
*What she taught you? (Significant experiences) to live each day like it may be my last
*How have you coped 5 years without her? With prayers and complete submission to Allahs will
*What you wish you could tell her? That i love her and inna very much and they live on in my heart
*What you wish you could have told her? I wish i had a chance to tell her how honoured i felt to be her friend.

May Allah have mercy on them and all those who have preceeded us in faith.

Baba Mansur Ahmed
Allahu akbar! One remembers Farida for so many of her excellent traits. A delightful child who grew up into an incredibly adorable young lady. Any time you visited M. Shehu’s house Farida would be the first to come and greet you always gracefully and respectifully. She says welcome Baba and you know the “Baba” was a genuine expressing of the profound love and respect for M. Shehu which is fully extended to all his close friends. May Allah SWT continue to grant Farida everlasting repose in Aljannat al Firdaus. May your family and all who remember her remain comforted by the knowledge that she had returned to her Lord the most merciful whose love and care for her is without measure!

Baba Dr Sule sani
Ummi I am grateful for your plans to remember my Farida and I can only comment briefly because the pain and anguish I feel at her loss is always fresh in my mind. Yet I can write volumes on my relationship with her. We related as if I was her biological father with love respect and understanding. I look back with nostalgia the days she would return from work and immediately rush to. come to my sitting room to greet and brief me on the day’s activities. I mourn her today as always. May Allah SWA be merciful to her and grant her eternal peace and aljanna firdausi. Amen.

Mercy Yusuf
Farida was peaceful and quiet, a good friend and was wise beyond her years. We went to the same secondary school and lived two streets apart in kaduna. Farida was often the silent one but when she spoke, people definitely listened. I miss her fried chips and zobo lol! Anytime I went to her house in kaduna Farida and her mom never allowed me go home without eating. I wish I could tell her that she inspired me a great deal. She chose her words wisely and was slow to anger. We grew older, started working and didn’t keep in touch as much but I miss her greatly. She was true friend!

Farida Sada
‘Namesake’ she would call me, I still remember the way she laughs. A rare gem she was, never saw her angry, always willing to lend a helping hand. She was superhuman cos she had a heart made of gold, no wonder she was loved by all. It’s been 5yrs but the pain won’t go away even though we know you are in a better place. We miss you so much!!.. May Allah grant you Jannatul Firdaus. Till we meet to part no more

Abdullahi A. Alhaji
It is hard to believe that it has already been five years. I still remember, how I found out about the crash. I was waiting for a phone call that never came, only to hear someone talking about the crash as I was walking by waiting for the call. I became completely numb and kept denying what I had just heard. It was later confirmed on the news.

Farida was one of the kindest human beings I have ever met. We worked together at the bank, which was also where I first met her. From our first meeting, I always thought she was very elegant and always kept her composure. She had a huge amount of patience and had a way of making you feel that everything will work out and everything will be okay. She never hesitated to help and her kindness was overflowing. It is very rare to meet someone with such great qualities and those are the things I miss the most about her. We spent a considerable amount of time in a short period, which makes her passing even more difficult. It hurts; I never felt I had the chance to return that kindness and always wonder if I did enough to reciprocate hers.

Now its five years later; that is five years of wondering what I could have done different, how I could have said goodbye. She helped me overcome one of the hardest periods of my life, how does one repay that? I believe people like Farida were only sent for a time to show you the things that really matter and should never be taken for granted. To show you that life is sometimes not just about what you receive but what you give wholeheartedly without any expectations. If we all lived like that we would have little to look back and regret.

I always pray that Allahs grace is continually with her and she is resting in perfect peace. Her life should be celebrated and the lessons and examples she left us with should be carried. Allah ya ji kanta.

Mohammed Naseer Ibrahim (MNI)
*Favourite memory? Our pre-degree year in Mr. Chawai’s Group C English Class. Though not a member of the class, I was only following a friend who was stalking/crushing on her.😘
*How you became friends? Much later in our first year in the university when we became course mates.
*5years without her? Comforted by the wonderful relationship she established with people she met in her lifetime.
*Favourite trait? She was humble.
*What do you do together? Read & share knowledge
*What you miss about her the most? Her kind and pleasant nature
*What she taught you? Humility. FSK is someone who is always willing to learn from just ANYONE who has something to share. We always spare moments to read together.
*How have you coped 5 years without her? That we (the class) planted a tree in the faculty masjid in her honour; that we always remember her in our prayers; that we are still connected to her family. These have helped to ease her absence.
*What you wish you could tell her? That she is much more cherished than she could imagine.
*What you wish you could have told her? That I loved her.

Aunty Bilkisu Rimi
*Favourite memory? – her smile
*How you became friends? She was more of a younger sister and dare I say adopted daughter? We got to know each other at ASO
*5years without her? – it’s not been easy especially when you think of all the things that could have been but Alhamdulillah
*Favourite trait? – her calmness and respect for all people she came across. She was also a very confident person
*What do you do together? – most of our interactions were in the office but she would always come to me for advise both personal and professional and sometimes just to say hello and check up on me
*What you miss about her the most? – just everything I miss Farida!
*What she taught you? (Significant experiences) – just the little things over time her calmness and ever smiling face
*How have you coped 5 years without her? – as I said earlier it’s not been easy but Alhamdulillah
*What you wish you could tell her? – what a nice and hardworking girl she was and that she was greatly appreciated and loved
*What you wish you could have told her? – last time I saw her she seemed a bit down and I kept meaning to ask what was wrong but I never did!

Aunty Yayya Sule Sani
Farida was a daughter..she has never made me feel that i am not her biological mum…i am mama to her.. tasan ya kaimata…I miss so much…Allah ya jikanta..May Allah reward her withn Ajannatul firdous..Amin

Haleemah Sani
Dearest FS! It’s 5 years already since you’ve been gone. Wow! Time they say heals all wounds…but time hasn’t healed mine… ! I have just accepted the fact that you’re gone but the pain is still there, I still miss you the same way I did 5 years ago….. I miss your laugh and the late night gists..the ‘karban sako’ lol!.. I just miss you joor..

I went through the emails we used to exchange when you were in Sunderland and I couldn’t believe we actually exchanged emails every single day… there was an email I sent you telling you MJ had died and I was crying and you were like you’re crying because of MJ what would I do if you died… your exact words were ‘wail for the rest of your life ? ‘ and I replied and said if you die I will die too…you were a kind person and you had a good heart…wish you stayed a bit longer, wish we had more memories together, wish I saw you get married and wish you were here when I got married and I wish Allah gave me a sign that you wouldn’t live for so long, I would have given you all the attention.. I would have sat down to gist with you every little time I had. May your soul continue to Rest In Peace dearest FS, we miss you sooooo much!

Fati Dabo Aliyu
My favorite memory of Farida was during my wedding she escorted me to Zaria to distribute my wedding cards. She was an epitome of friendship😞
We became friends as far back 1995. We connected instantly coz our parents closeness.
I miss her everywhere,everytime. She was always there for everything. She minds to be there
She’s always there

Jamila Sani
It’s been 5 years since we lost Farida Shehu Kaikai, I can remember vividly how, where, when and who told me the news of her death, It took me a while to accept she is gone, but her memories still lives on….to those who don’t really know Farida really missed out on the sweet side of her, she was so cool and calm and she had this aura of elegance to her that I truly admired….Losing Farida was Painful not only to her Family and Friends, but to everyone that knew and even those that have never met, but In sha Allah she is in a good place and we will continue to Pray for her gentle Soul.

Harira Abdullahi
She has got style and class. She keeps to time and very neat.
When I am with her we talk a lot about what we have been through and how to solve our lady problems
I met her in ABU Zaria. She was in Ribadu Hall room A26 and have was in A26.Great moments. Am glad I met her in my lifetime.

Yasmin Ahmed
FS as we fondly call her is someone you can hardly forget for so many reasons. Her ability to keep in touch and bring everyone together in spite of our busy schedules was so amazing. She was a beautiful lady and was blessed with a beautiful heart too. She always had a smile on her pretty face and never got upset. I used to wonder how she did that! Such a rare quality, Masha Allah. I pray for her Allah to grant her Jannatul Firdaus and to also reunite us to part no more. Ameen

Rahama Bello
I have been trying to write this tribute for the past 2 weeks but words have failed me, I don’t know where to start from. I really can’t believe it’s been 5 years without Farida.

I met Farida during our teen years when the family moved to our neighbourhood even though we are cousins. She was a very generous, kind hearted, selfless, warm, caring and God fearing person. She was liked by everyone because of her charming personality. Her hardwork and diligence helped her achieve a lot at a very young age.

Am sorry I wasn’t home when u called me the last time you were in kaduna. Who knew that was going to be goodbye. Thank you very much for the box of cupcakes you sent to me on valentines day 2012. I miss you very much, wish we took that trip to Marrakech we have always spoken about. Thank you for always being there for me especially when my father passed away. You will forever be in our hearts and we will continue to pray for you. In sha Allah you are in a better place. Continue to rest in Al Jannah Firdaus.

Pamela Isma’il
How you became friends?

We met at ABU Zaria. We were class mates and we became very close friends.
I and Malory will most times branch to Faridas hostel on our way to lectures ….the 3 of us attended lectures together and also studied for test and exams together and copied each others assignments lol. That was how she named me Gambo coz i was the youngest of the trio.

We will most times chill at sulpture garden and catch up over suya and soft drinks, while we waited for our next lectures…. she loved to gist. She always had this smile on her face , her laughter was infectious…. she had a great heart …Good times……….

Our friendship extended past ABU even til the very end.

*5years without her?

Some wounds will never heal. Her memories brings smiles to my face but i cannot talk about Farida without tears coming to my eyes…… she was a really special .Farida was a good person and loved by all who knew her.
In my current place of work i met someone who had worked with farida and indeed he testified she was different
Each time i come across anyone who works at Aso savings and Loans i always ask if they knew Farida and the testimonies have been great.

Sometimes i seat and wonder how it would be with her here ….what she will be doing….her achievents..
..her sucess stories….sometimes when i see pictures of some of her friends on instagram i imagine she would have be there too….. she will live in my heart forever…..

*Favourite trait?

She loved perfumes she taught me the tricks of how to make the scents last all day…… she had a wide collection.

She loved M&S Victorias sandwich cake she got me hooked on those too lol. and yep she loved her salads too.

Ahhhh she loved music ….. cant forget how she couldnt get over Neyo after she attended his concert …

*What do you do together?

Our friendship grew stonger when she moved to the uk. …. she loved to gist ..about her school, her course, she took school really serious and graduated with a first class…she was a people person she loved her friends with all her heart…..she loved to talk about her twin nephews….. each time we spoke on the phone when she was in london she would gist me of their daily activities ….she loved them too much…
she loved to shop and knew where to get the best deals……from oxford street to liverpool street lol.

*What you miss about her the most?
I miss her smile and her person,…. she was a great friend who understood the meaning of friendship. She knew how to make light of difficult situations and makes you feel everything will be alright.

*What she taught you? (Significant experiences)
Ive learnt alot from her lifestyle and simplicity . She was simple and doesnt discriminate on any ground, she was open and honest and very considerate. She was indeed a friend everyone needs to have. This has been a great loss indeed.
she left us too soon. My heart continues to go out to her family and all loved ones……Gone but never forgotten.

Amaka Ezenwe
My dear friend Farida, it’s been almost five years since you left us for a better place and we still miss you sorely.
I remember you in a very nice way. Your smile, kindness, neatness, beauty, baby face and your gentleness.
I remember our last chat like it was yesterday. I was so proud of you when you told me about your distinction and plans for your career.
I know I always teased you about ‘him’ but it never happened.. for you that was the next big move but God had better plans for you.
We met in secondary school and somehow realised we shared a few things in common like pursuing a career in Economics and aspiring to study at A.B.U …lol
I remember the endless phone calls we made to each other after A.B.U published each batch of its admission list. The anxiety, the consolations and encouragements….lol
It’s really hard losing a dear friend like you Faree.
For you, friendship was for eternity. You constantly stayed in touch and you were genuinely concerned about people. Remembering my love for abayas and sending me one after your trip to Saudi still melts my heart.
How you managed to make friends almost instantly and keep them is still a mystery to me.
Everyone around me knew you as Sweet Farida and it broke their hearts to hear the sad news of your demise.
I probably never told you how sweet a friend you were and how I appreciated your friendship. So this is my opportunity. Faree you were a worthy friend and even in death you are still appreciated!!
It is so true that everyone leaves footprints in your memory, but the ones that leave footprints in your heart are the ones you will truly remember.
Your memory is etched on my heart forever. Forgetting you has never been a thought.
May your sweet soul continue to rest in peace. Miss yah.

Your dear friend Amaka Molokwu

Fatima Jibrilla
Q1. How we became friends
Ans: Cant recall, but it was back in 1995

Q2.favorite trait
Ans: She hardly gets Angry

Q3.what i miss about her
Ans: Our chit chat sessions and her laughter

Q4. Favorite memory
Ans: All the good laughs through the years and every time she says “friendè! If i slap u”

Q5. What i wish i could tell her
Ans: i love you and so much more

Q6.What she taught me
Ans: So the last time she came visiting( a week to the crash), she had a rumpled dress and wanted me to iron it. I said “keh ni bazan goge miki ba” meaning i wasnt going to..well, she blackmailed me into ironing it by saying “Fati j bakon ka Annabin ka” so yeah that Stuck!

Q7.What i wish i could’ve told her
Ans: Alot.. How good a person she was with a big heart❤ and my appreciation of loyalty in our friendship…

She had come a week before for a condolence visit, we met a particular guy that cracked us up at the house.. On the 3rd of June, i saw him by the road side and in my head i was like oh “ga mutumin F.S” will call her when i get home because i was driving..Got home and drove out immediately after. Shortly after, a call came through that there was a crash and she might have been on the plane..So, that i never i got say!

Q8. 5 years without her
Ans: i miss you!!

Hanne Mahuta
Assalam. I have known Farida since primary school in katsina. Our parents are friends, we are family friends. We grew up to be sisters 👭. Farida was a year ahead of me in school but yet we were best friends.
She went to Hassan gwarzo for her jss1, when I finished primary school she made me write the exams of HG, but she left the school in js2 that made me not to go to the school also. Well, we met again in ABU… we were in the same hostel we became closer
One of my favorite times with Farida in ABU was living together in the hostel we really had fun! She taught me a lot, how to deal with people how to patient with people. Wallahi Farida was a darling friend and a sister she goes out of her way to do things for her friends…
We got posted for NYSC together. We were supposed to go to kwara for camp but fortunately we were redeployed to abuja camp!
That was how I met our friend, Tayo. We stayed at my house in abuja, we never slept in the camp 😄
We would visit Tayo in the camp hostel because she chose to stay 😏
It was so much fun! May Allah have mercy on her soul
I had a car then that we used for our camp runs, fs always insisted she fuels the car because I was doing the driving, if I insisted she gave half
So thoughtful and nice so friendly…
I miss my sister 💔
When I met Abu hanifa( my husband). We were dating and I asked him his age I was like no! you are too old for me; in her wisdom Farida said ” hanne just give him a chance he might turn out to be a great guy!” I followed her advice we got married few months later, She was like ” ehen shey I told you” 😄
Farida so funny so wise, she was such a true friend❤❤❤
One of my favorite statements from her…. when we were in school, she was dating a guy that I call my cousin. We became very close… there was a time she told me “hanne after him its you… you are my 2 favourite people”
Hmmm I can go on and on I know. I wish my kids had known her … when ever they see our pictures they ask She would have been a great aunty & a great mother.
Farida may you continue to rest in jannah iAllah
May we be neighbors in jannatul firdaus near the rasul (saw) where we will iAllah part no more
I so much miss u Farida Shehu Kaikai 💔💔❤❤

Abdulmumin Shola .A
May Allah continue to forgive her,grant her rahama in her grave and ultimately grant her Jan nah. May Allah continue to console the heart of her parents. Amin.
Rest on FSK.

Abubakar Shuaibu

Dear Farida, can’t believe its 5 years already. You have been such a great impact on lives of people you knew, positively. You have certainly left a vacuum that no one can fill, and Alhamdulillah i got to know you, be friends with you and worked with you. But we know you’re in a better place insha Allah cause Allah knows best, why he took you from us. May Allah grant you eternal rest and may we meet to part no more. Allah Ya kara miki rahama. Amin

We love you FS! May your gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace, amin.