Sometimes a Headshot is not a Headshot!

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Head swap with Abigail Volkmann

I often get asked how should a headshot look like, whether half body, full body or the standard head and shoulder view. But honestly, it actually depends on what you want to use it for and how you want it to be. I normally tell my clients it is based on their personal preference.


A headshot is a type of photograph taken mainly for Actors, Actresses and Models in order for them to get jobs. Headshots displays your characteristic as an individual. Typically for actors and corporate individuals, headshots are mainly taken from head and shoulders because that is what people want to see – your happy face! 🙂

Peter Hurley is one of my favourite Headshot Photographers. He has studios in New York City & Los Angeles and moreover his talks have been featured in Apple, Tedx, Microsoft, GoDaddy to mention a few. The genuine expressions he captures in his actors headshots and executive portraits is remarkable.

Nashville Photographer  Nashville Headshot PhotographerNashville Photographer

Last Friday, at Pinewood Social in Nashville there was a mini head swap between photographers in the ‘Shoot To kill’ Facebook group and it was quite fun but I must admit being in front of the camera is a bit weird as a photographer especially; under ambient light.  😀 😀

Abigail Volkmann is such an adorable individual to work with. Seems like shooting fellow photographers is an awesome idea to do.

Nashville Headshot Photographer Nashville Headshot Photographer Nashville Headshot Photographer

Headshot Tips

In Addition, here are some useful tips for you to consider before your headshot session:

  • Keep it Simple but classy.
  • Personality is everything.
  • Too much makeup or sparkly accessories is not good.
  • Always go to a professional, someone who understands lighting.
  • Find someone you vibe with; someone that understands you and your style.
  • Location is one of the major things, whether it is outdoor with natural light giving ‘film’ look or a studio for a more ‘polished’ feel with a neutral background.

Always discuss with the photographer in advance, also clarify what you want. Now tell me, how do you like your headshots taken? 😀 🙂




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  1. Very nice 👏🏽… And i agree with keeping it simple.. Well depends on what the client wants. Lovely pictures too